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Here are some examples:

Social Sciences

Maps of Waitomo Village and Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Click here for an Interactive Google map showing Waitomo attractions, services and accommodations.

Click here for a Waitomo village and cave visit map.

Study the effects of tourism at Waitomo, visit primary and secondary attractions and investigate current trends. This region once played a pivotal role in New Zealand’s history. Stay at one of our many marae as your base to visit historic sites, explore the Rohe Potae, Opapaka Pa or view taonga at the Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre, and never forget that Otorohanga is New Zealand’s Kiwiana Capital.

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Geography and Tourism NCEA

Level 1. Sustainable use of Waitomo Caves

Key words: AS 91009 Geography Level 1 Internal Use of and Impacts. Sustainable management of Waitomo caves.

Level 2. Geographic understanding Limestone, Caves, Karst

Key words: Geography 91240 External

Level 3. Interacting natural processes WAITOMO LIMESTONE, CAVES and KARST

Key Words: Geography level 3AS91426 External Interacting. Compare. Early Fluvial processes. Mudstone channelling. Ignimbrite capping. Complete Karst exposure. Interacting Carbonic Acid accumulation in Soils.

Level 3. Waitomo Tourism. A cultural process

Key words: AS91427 Level 3 Geography. Internal Case studies of cultural influences on development. Waitomo Glowworm Cave Wai 51. (125 years of Guiding/Tourism). Ruakuri Cave, Cave Adventure Tourism.

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Health and Physical Education

Go adventure caving with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company or try abseiling, team building exercises, and caving on Stubbs Farm. Try bushwalking through the karst landscape of an old cave system at Ruakuri Reserve. Or for something more leisurely, try the new Otorohanga Leisure Park activities.

Personal health and physical development. Healthy communities and environments

Adventure Activities Caves and Ad Games and or Limestone Walks Visiting the underground landscape, Discovery Limestone and karst Walk, Ruakuri Resources

Resource titles Possible links with achievement objectives

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Many support resources available. For example, the Take action. Kiwi Guardian Conservation tasks at home, or school.
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