Learning & NZ Curriculum link examples

Waitomo Education is committed to quality learning programmes. These programmes range from a day to a week long camp.

School groups visiting sometimes have multiple sessions with the Education Officer on a range of sites encompassing a variety of learning experiences.

Teaching resources are provided to assist classroom teachers to help learners make the connections between the realistic, interactive learning experience provided by the WES and the learning opportunities in the classroom.

Programmes are designed to complement and add value to the learning experiences that take place within the classroom.

Curriculum links: Activities, Experiment, Walks, Caves & Adventure Games

Limestone How to make Caves and Crystals

Rumbling Gut application

the chemistry of limestone

Ruakuri resources

Limestone What is Dissolving

 limestone Walks

Limestone a living sedimentary rock

 Limestone a Dissolving Rock

Karst How to make caves and sinkholes

Industrial Limestones

Fossils and subfossils

Waitomo Caves Discovery centre visit

cave mapping maps

 adventure activities

Walks with worksheets