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Cave Tours

Waitomo Glowworm CaveWaitomo Glowworm Cave

Cave tours in New Zealand offer the educational experience of a life time (Y1 Students and Up).

$12 per person 1st May to 1st Oct 2019 during off peak times (before 10 am or after 2 pm).

$16 per person during peak times.  (Teachers are free). Oct 2019 onwards $18pp.

  • Allow about 45 minutes for the guided tour of the Waitomo Glowworm Cave. Walk through “the Banquet Chamber”, sing in “the Cathedral”, view stalagmites and stalactites before descending to the Glowworm Grotto. Sit silently in a small boat for the remainder of your journey through the Grotto while viewing thousands of glowworms on the ceiling. Photography is not allowed. The Glowworm Cave map.
  • Click here for the  Glowworm Cave RAMS.
  • The Waitomo Glowworm Cave attracts 4 times as many visitors each year than any other cave in Australasia. In summer, over 2000 people visit the cave every day. Please, please, please arrive early for your tour. If you are not on time, your tour slot may be taken by a busload of international tourists and you will have to wait for the next available tour. Click here for Waitomo village and cave visit map.

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Ruakuri CaveRuakuri Cave

(Y3 Students and Up) 1st May- 1st Oct 2019 for $20 per person.

Groups of 16 students and 2 adults. (Groups can stagger 5 or 10 mins apart).

Note: Oct- May Peak prices $24 (4-14 yrs)and $62 adult. (Teachers free). Oct 2019 onwards $25pp.

  • A dynamic cave system accessed via a huge man made spiral. You see glowworms, magnificent crystal shawls, fossils and breathtaking cave formations. The cave tour takes you through 1.6 km of cave passages, while occasionally suspended on walkways far above the cave floor. Photography is allowed. Allow 90 minutes for the tour. This guided tour is wheelchair accessible, but please let us know in advance if you require wheelchair access. Click here for a  Waitomo village and Ruakuri Bush Walk map
  • RAMS Ruakuri cave tour.

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Aranui CaveAranui Cave

(Y1 Students and Up)

$12 per person 1st May to 1st Oct 2019.

$20 per person during peak times. (Teachers are free).          Oct 2019 onwards $25pp.

  • A short 5 minute walk through lovely Tawa forest brings you to this single entrance cave. See cave weta, amazing speleothems, delicate straws and a wide variety of cave formations on this tour. Allow approximately 45 minutes. Click here for the Aranui Cave RAMS and here for an Aranui Cave map.

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(Y1 Students and Up) $42 per person (teachers free).

  • Visit the Mangawhitikau Glowworm Cave and Spirit Cave as part of this package adventure tour. In the Mangawhitikau Glowworm Cave you wear a helmet and light and view glowworms while floating on a rubber raft. In the Spirit Cave you get to see a spectacular array of crystal formations and the sub fossil remains of moa and other cave visitors. The caves are located 30 minutes away from the Waitomo village. Allow 3 hours to visit both caves. Some photography is permitted. Maximum group size of 12 people per trip. Trips leave at 45 minute intervals.

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