Above Ground Attractions

Waitomo Caves Discovery CentreWaitomo Caves Discovery Centre (Waitomo Museum of Caves)

(Y1 Students and Up) $3 per student – accompanying adults free.

  • The award winning Discovery Centre explores the above and below ground treasures of the Waitomo Caves area. The Discovery Centre houses a wide range of fossils, cave crystal formations and the skeletal remains of long extinct bird life in its extensive cave related collection. Hands on features such as the cave crawl and ‘feely’ boxes allow students to interact with the displays. Click here for a junior quiz sheet or a crossword for students to complete while in the Discovery Centre. Secondary students gain a more in depth understanding of limestone, caves, speleothems, and the effects of tourism on the region. A free lesson from the Education Officer is available to link your students’ visit to the curriculum. Allow 90 minutes for lesson and viewing all displays in the Discovery Centre. Click here for the Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre RAMS

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Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird ParkOtorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park

(Y1 Students and Up) – $3 per person – teachers free.

North King Country School students are now free entry.

  • Every visitor is assured of seeing kiwi in the nocturnal house. Kiwi House map Other features include New Zealand’s original walk-through aviary where visitors can see native birds in a natural rainforest habitat. Other aviaries, ponds and marshlands display a wide variety of rare and unusual birds, tuatara and geckos. A free lesson from the Education Officer is available to link your students’ visit to the curriculum.
  • Examples of some authentic experiences are: Animal Encounters (Discoveries). Meet the keepers and Kiwi Conservation  -props, videos, kiwi breeding, predators.
  • Allow 90 minutes for lesson and viewing all of the animals in the park. Click here for the Kiwihouse previsit information brief and here Kiwi House RAMS, or for a great student resource try the Kiwi House Student book.

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Kiwiana “Give ‘em a taste of Kiwi”

(Y1 Students and Up) $3 per student.  Click here: Information on Otorohanga Kiwiana town.

  • Start at the Otorohanga i-SITE with a meet-and-greet; collect your Kiwiana Quiz Sheet before searching for the answers in the Kiwiana modules at the Ed Hillary Arcade and down the main street of Otorohanga. Successful completion of the Quiz is rewarded with a hokey-pokey ice cream and jaffas. Click here for the Kiwiana RAMS.
  • Finish at the south end of town’s Kiwiana themed playground



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Woodlyn Park

By request and subject to availabilty (Y1 Students and Up) $15 per student, $20 per adult, teachers free.

  • A farm show that allows you to experience NZ agriculture from the pioneering days through to the present. To understand how pioneers cleared the land, watch jigger chopping, pit sawing and a timber jack in use. See a demonstration of shearing as it was in the past. See a range of farm animals. Allow about 60 minutes for the show.

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Waitomo Big Bird Miniature Animal Petting Farm

(Y1 – Y4) $5 per person.

  • “Animal Therapy” for all ages includes Ostriches, Miniature Alpacas and Llamas, Miniature Horses and Donkeys, Miniature Cattle including Scottish Highland, Kune Kune pigs, sheep, goats, etc. Kids Info/Quiz/Colouring sheet provided. Allow at least 60 minutes to see and pet the animals and have a miniature horse ride.

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Waitomo Big Bird Lifestyle Farm Show

(Y1 – Y13) $15 per adult, $5 per child.

  • Shows are from 10am till noon and include hand milking Daisy the Cow, making cream, butter and ice-cream, and hand spinning wool. Sheepdogs, Bulls and Horses all make an appearance during the show.