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Education Programmes


Here are some examples:    Please see Programme Support also for many ideas.

The Living World: Study cave creatures like glowworms, cave weta and bats, view moa skeletons and rare fossils at the Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre. See rare and endangered kiwi, tuatara, falcon and other native fauna at the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park. How about a trip to the Mahoenui Giant Weta Scientific Reserve.

Senior Geography/Earth Science: Take a guided tour of the Waitomo Glowworm Cave, Aranui Cave or the beautiful Ruakuri Cave for an in-depth look at the world below us, or take a bushwalk over the Waipa Fault. Then visit the Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre to learn more about caves, limestone, speleothems and the interaction between plate tectonics, water, CO2 and limestone in this environment.

Social Sciences: Study the effects of tourism at Waitomo, visit primary and secondary attractions and investigate current trends. This region once played a pivotal role in New Zealand’s history. Stay at one of our many marae as your base to visit historic sites, explore the Rohe Potae, Opapaka Pa or view taonga at the Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre, and never forget that Otorohanga is New Zealand’s Kiwiana Capital.

Click here for an Interactive Google map showing Waitomo attractions, services and accommodations.

Health and Physical Education: Go adventure caving with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company or try abseiling, team building exercises, and caving on Stubbs Farm. Try bushwalking through the karst landscape of an old cave system at Ruakuri Reserve. Or for something more leisurely, try the new Otorohanga Leisure Park activities.

Otorohanga Kiwihouse
Help understand how to save the North Island Brown Kiwi.

See ATU and her mum, Tasman the famous Great Spotted Kiwi, Little spotted kiwi and North Island Brown Kiwi

Like and learn about recent breeding success and kiwihouse success – view and click here Kiwihouse facebook fan club

  • You can visit the Otorohanga Kiwihouse for JUST $3KH picture
  • Interactive lessons within the Kiwi House and surrounding environment developed to meet your group’s specific learning outcomes.
  • Sample Teaching Units and Resource Kits available.
  • Programming and booking for all activities and accommodation in the area including maps, gear lists and risk management analysis.
  • Animal Encounters (Interactions), Discoveries
  • Meet the keepers (Bookable slots: 10.30am, 11.30am, 12,30pm, 2pm)
  • Kiwi Conservation  -props, videos, kiwi breeding, predators.

Cost to schools: $3 Students    $3.00 each adult.  Teachers free.

Click here for : Fact sheets about Otorohanga Kiwihouse Fauna.

Click here for Captive Breeding – understanding how it works. (Naked Science 2 min audio talk)

DOC collection of animal themed teaching resources, activities and field trips.

Key topics for a visit to Otorohanga kiwihouse: A bird in the hand, Meet the locals class activities,  The reptiles, Whio forever resources.

Also link: Field trips Ruakuri caves and bush, Field trips Pureora Forest, Field trips The big friendly giants,

Call (07) 878 7642 or send us an email at to make a booking with the Waitomo Education Centre.