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Examples of Waitomo Education Programmes 

New resources: Caves Amaze, Glorious Glowworms, Cave Critters and Fossils, Caves unique features.

Enquire for detailed resources to support student inquiry learning . (A Google Drive Link to many resources and supporting programme ideas)

Science NCEA

Level 1. Let’s look at Waitomo Caves    -Let’s look at our local area -Show off our features

Demonstrate understanding: The formation of surface features in NZ.

Through experience students will see and understand how those features are forming.

Key words Level 1 NCEA Science general Systems and cycles AS90952 Internal Limestone. Sinkholes(Doline) & Tomo. Caves. Crystal Formations

Level 2. Waitomo Karst Country Caves and limestone.

Investigate geological processes in a NZ Locality

Key Words ESS Level 2 SCIENCE AS91189 2.3 Internal Waitomo limestone. Uplift. Faulting. Dissolving action. Sinkholes (Doline), and Tomo creation, Cave passage forming. Cave calcite crystal forming. Breakdown.

Geography and Tourism NCEA

Level 1. Sustainable use of Waitomo Caves

Key words: AS 91009 Geography Level 1 Internal Use of and Impacts. Sustainable management of Waitomo caves.

Level 2. Geographic understanding Limestone, Caves, Karst

Key words: Geography 91240 External

Level 3. Interacting natural processes WAITOMO LIMESTONE, CAVES and KARST

Key Words: Geography level 3AS91426 External Interacting. Compare. Early Fluvial processes. Mudstone channelling. Ignimbrite capping. Complete Karst exposure. Interacting Carbonic Acid accumulation in Soils.

Level 3. Waitomo Tourism. A cultural process

Key words: AS91427 Level 3 Geography. Internal Case studies of cultural influences on development. Waitomo Glowworm Cave Wai 51. (125 years of Guiding/Tourism). Ruakuri Cave, Cave Adventure Tourism.

Health and Physical Education

Personal health and physical development. Healthy communities and environments

Adventure Activities Caves and Ad Games and or Limestone Walks Visiting the underground landscape, Discovery Limestone and karst Walk, Ruakuri Resources

Primary curriculum resources activities & links  and/ or

Resource titles Possible links with achievement objectives

Caves Amaze, Glorious Glowworms, Cave Critters and Fossils, Caves unique features.

Activities, Experiments, Walks, Caves & Adventure Games (Detailed Caves and Karst activities. Also Pre and post visit Learning

How can LEOTC visit help my students Click here for a ministry of education case study of visit to Waitomo      Balancing Risks and benefits in the outdoors.

LEARNZ  Waitomo November 2014 Caves Critters Karst programme


Books to help support learning:

Great school journal and connected series books. Often with Teacher support notes.

Building science concepts books Waitomo caves education. -support science learning about Caves.

Building science concepts books otorohanga kiwihouse education – support science learning about Kiwi.

Info series all about, ,   Supporting Science;   Glowworms bats,  Support Kiwi

Waitomo Ed Books Support Social Sciences

 Books  best choices

For a collection of other Web resources for Learning about Caves, Limestone and Karst environments.

Trip to the coast Students can study an example of a Northern NZ Sandy and Muddy Shore Guide and  Northern NZ rocky shores guide.

Topical;  research and events.

NZ post Glow in the dark NZ Glowworm Stamp collection 2016

The Glowing Spider Bug. “The Glowworm” is helping us sleep?

New Glowing Millipede Found; Shows How Bioluminescence Evolved

Click here for resources on  International Year of the light.

Bioluminescence living lights (National Geographic Classroom) lessons

Bioluminescence more resources

Take a virtual tour into one of the biggest caves in the world.

Fly a drone within one of the world’s big dolines.

Virtual Cave learning and activity

Grow your own crystal.  Create a seed crystal and grow a HUGE crystal challenge.

Growing crystals is a great way to understand the Material world in science.

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