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Education News

Celebrate New Zealand National Primary Science Week MAY 19- 25

Visit the Caves or the Kiwihouse. 


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 Otorohanga Kiwihouse

“Show us your Kiwi and we will show ours”

  • You can visit the Otorohanga Kiwihouse for JUST $1 for all of MAY and JUNE
  • Interactive lessons within the Kiwi House and surrounding environment developed to meet your group’s specific learning outcomes.
  • Sample Teaching Units and Resource Kits available.
  • Programming and booking for all activities and accommodation in the area including maps, gear lists and risk management analysis.                      

Cost to schools: $1 Students    $3.00 each adult.  Teachers free.


  • 2014 will be an exciting year for the Waitomo Glowworm Cave will be celebrating 125 years of Guiding.

Look out for competitions and events.


  • 2014 is the International Year of Cystallography.

Grow your own crystal.  Create a seed crystal and grow a HUGE crystal challenge.

(Compounds and methods used are FREE of choice… creative. Grow a unique seed crystal and watch it grow).

Competition: send in a video  (Primary) or write an essay (secondary)

This is a competition run by (UNESCO. The united nations educational scientific and cultural organisation).


 There is also a local crystal Growing competition. (Ends for the NZ Science conference in July)

or visit the